Parts For The DIY Enthusiast

As a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you are no doubt aware of the different parts you have to keep in your toolbox for completing different projects. The basics consist of several screwdrivers with different types of heads, a wrench (preferably adjustable), a hammer, different types of saws, and a cordless drill among others. You also need a socket adapter. You will need the last-named tool to adapt the drive size of a socket for use with a wrench that has a different drive size. As an example, you can use this adapter to adapt a socket with a 1/2" square drive so that you can use it with a wrench that has a 3/8" square drive. You can also need socket extensions to extend the reach of a socket. These general tools are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  We shall discuss some of the above tools and more in detail below.

Cordless drill: You will find this tool handy for drilling holes and putting things together with ease. You will also have to purchase various drill bit attachments for boring holes into different surfaces and materials. The biggest advantage of this equipment is that it runs on rechargeable batteries, meaning there is no need for running cables throughout your house.

Hammers: You need a hammer for hammering in nails and pulling out nails. Go for a hammer that has a flat head on one end and a "V" shaped groove on the other. You will need the latter end to pull out nails. Select a hammer that has a cushioned handle to protect you from squeezing pressure, impact, and vibration. Make sure that the head of the hammer is attached firmly to the handle.

Screwdrivers: You must purchase an all-in-one screwdriver. Such a screwdriver contains a handle and different screw heads to meet all types of jobs. Just slide in the type of head you want into the handle and start your job. Certain sets contain nearly 30 types of screw heads. Make sure you can grip the handle of the screwdriver comfortably. Also, keep it clean of grease and oil.

Saws: Saws can vary from an advanced piece of powered machinery to a simple style of cutting tool. The types of saws you will need will vary differently depending on the hobbies or jobs you are interested in. Some of the different types of saws for the DIY enthusiast include:• Hand saw• Coping saw• Crosscut saw• Bowcut saw• Fret saw• Ripcut saw• Keyhole saw, and• Japanese saw

Different tools for the car DIY

You stand to save lots of money in repairs if you have the knack and the expertise to repair a car on your own. Find below a list of tools required for the job.• Oil drain pan• Set of funnels• Floor jack• Magnetic torch• Jack stands• Impact wrench• Mechanic's creeper• Air compressor with multiple attachments• Set of pliers• Set of screwdrivers• Set of spanners• Dead blow hammer• Vice grips• Multimeter and battery charger• Magnetic parts tray• Can of spray paint

Armed with the set of essentials mentioned above, you can undertake most house and car repair jobs.